Women of Rajasthan

Women of Rajasthan
Author : Chandra Mani Singh
Language : English
Edition : 2015
ISBN : 9789384385125
Publisher : RG Group


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Although many excellent studies have been published in past on Rajasthan history, the role played by women in society was not given proper attention. Authors tend to frame the discussion in terms of political history. Epigraphical and literary references were used in writing achievements of kings but women’s activities were not linked with academic research and teaching. This work will help to identify opportunities towards teaching and learning in this area of social history linking with the formal academic system.
A section on women artists, literateurs, artisans and even labourers includes women from all strata of society-wealthy princesses, rich merchants’ wives, women with minimal resources, literate and illiterate, rural and urban from different communities; even nameless voices appearing in folk songs have also found a place in here. This Book throws light on an untapped area of social history and will be useful for scholars and students as well.


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