Women Empowerment Gender Equality And Social Justice

Author: Kanta Kataria & Mahesh Parihar
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789384385347
Publisher: RG BOOKS


Women Empowerment Gender Equality And Social Justice

The present work on ‘Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Social Justice’, contains selected articles presented at the UGC sponsored national seminar held in March 2017, which was organized by the Centre for Women’s Studies, J. N. Vyas. University, Jodhpur. The articles cover a wide range of topics and issues confronting women’s empowerment. As an introductory study on the subject of women’s empowerment, the book is extremely useful; it is quite informative, balanced and suggestive. It is of great worth for those who wish to know more about the various aspects and challenges of women’s empowerment. Women Empowerment Gender Equality

also Preface (Women Empowerment Gender Equality)

In recent years, especially during the past four or five decades the movement towards the empowerment of women has gained strength and momentum. The emerging nature of new society under the impact of global forces and liberalization, and the educational and technological revolutions the women have gradually developed consciousness for their rights, dignity and identity. Today, there is a growing realization among them to have confidence in themselves and to develop their individuality. The issue of empowerment is of tremendous significance for them because they strongly feel that it alone can lay the durable foundations of a just or harmonious society, based on the twin principles of gender equality and social justice. A woman can attain her full potential in a just society; she can participate as equal partners in all spheres of life and can influence the process of social change.

Though the Indian Constitution aims to promote social change, social justice and women’s empowerment; in fact there exists a wide gap between its theory and practice. Inspite of different programmes, plans and schemes of government to empower the women in our country, they continue to be discriminated and marginalized at every level of the society, whether it is social, political and economic participation, access to education, and also reproductive healthcare.


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