The Untold Story of Freedom Struggle in Marwar

Author : LS Rathore
Language : English
Edition : 2012
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Untold Story of Freedom Struggle in Marwar : The modern history of the erstwhile princely State of Jodhpur has been greatly distorted by the leaders of freedom struggle in Marwar. Their writings are often eulogistic or vain-glorious. Moreover, many a researcher in recent years has made no genuine effort to search for the true facts. They have merely scratched the surface of the freedom struggle, thereby have caused a serious damage to the history of the period. The void left by the researchers is intended to be filled by the author’s present work : ‘The Untold Story of Freedom Struggle in Marwar’.
Mostly based on the archives material, the work is indispensable for a better understanding of the freedom struggle in Marwar. It seeks to explore the key issues pertaining to the political culture of the freedom fighters. What was their set of values and expectations? Did they adhere to the Gandhian techniques of action to which they had vowed? Were they true Stayagrahis? What were their sociological roots? Did they resort to venal journalism? How their co-detainees in the prison rated them? Did they take recourse to terrorist methods? Did they give birth to vulgar political culture? These basic questions about the political culture of freedom fighters have been examined in a lucid style in this work. Based on hard facts, the work is extremely good and novel. It is unquestionably different from any other work known before. Written by one of the most brilliant minds in the modern history of Rajasthan, the work is definitely a thought-provoking and a scholarly one.


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