Jaipur And The Later Mughals

Author : H.C. Tikkiwal
Language : English
Edition : 2007
Publisher : RG GROUP


Jaipur And The Later Mughals : The present work virtually represents a sincere study of the Jaipur-Mughal Relations during the Eighteenth century based upon the authentic source material available to me in the Rejasthan State Archives at Bikaner and some of the important Persian manuscripts concerning the Later Mughals. Late Professor Nathu Ram Khadgawat, my revered Teacher and Director, Rajasthan State Archives, graciously suggested to me this topic for my w research work leading to the Ph. D. degree from the University of Rajasthan. This work was completed under the table supervision of Dr. M. L. Sharma, Professor and Head of the Department of History. University of Rajasthan.

The Jaipur records in the Archives in Bikaner comprise of innumerable documents of unrivalled importance concerning the History of India with special reference to the Mughal Politics and administration since 1656 A.D. With the kindness of Prof. N.R. Khadgawat I had an access to most of the documents in Persian and Dingal languages. I have attempted to give an English rendering although it is now for the learned reader to gauge the measure of my humble efforts.

I have consulted the relevant documents, Persian Akhbars, Secret Consultations, and Select Committee Proceedings having bearing with the present study in the National Archives in New Delhi. The published Marathi documents too have been of great use to me.


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