Rajasthan Through The Ages (Vol. 2)

Author : Dr. G.N. Sharma
Language : English
Edition : 2014
ISBN : 9788190921978
Publisher : RG GROUP


Rajasthan Through The Ages (Vol. 2) : The second edition of book “Rajasthan through the ages “Vol -II” is a historical sketch of social, economic & cultural history of Rajasthan from 1316-1761 A.D. We have done our best to include dynastic history of the rulers of Rajasthan in a brief way. In chapter- I, we have explained the physical feature of Rajasthan & their impact on political & cultural life. The brief outline of source material like inscription, Coins, Archaeological sites, Archival Records, Travellers Accounts, Manuscripts and Paintings, sculptures, are listed in chapter II. Episode of struggle of Maharana Pratap with Mugal, murder of Krishna Kumari, Kumbha expedition & achievement, struggle of Rao Maldev with Shershah Sun in the war of Giri Sumel and many such episodes are present in detail in chapter III.

Prominent attention has been given to Rajasthan resistance to Mughal imperialism and Marathas politics in some detail in chapter IV, V, VI. A fairly reliable picture of administration system in Rajasthan & role of Pattas, Perwans, Tojee’s throw a sufficient light on the system of revenue, collection, taxes has been drawn in chapter VII. This book furnish the aspects like the social structure of society, positives of women, manner and mode of living of the people of all levels, games, sports, entertainments, customs, fead festival, detail information has been made available in chapter VIII and IX : Economic condition of the people has been given in chapter X.

The detailed description of Rajasthan culture & sculpture, music, dances, literature are presented in interesting manner to motivate the readers and scholars. An attempt has also been made in the chapters devoted to teachings of Mira, Dadu, Ramcharan, Raidas proved to be inspiring and which influence the religious life of the period.

I hope that this book provide a valuable information to the research scholars of our country & across the whole world. References are given after each chapter to develop interest in the subject & motivate research scholars to do better work. I confidently believe that this will be proved as a base book for the new learner of history.

I am much indebted to the ingenuity & patience of Mr. Mukesh Venna who help in the proofreading of book & for the completion of index. I shall be failing in my duties if I do not thank Abdul Sattar & the staff of the cooperative press, Jaipur for printing this volume. I am also thankful to the staff of computer section especially to Rameshwar Lal Prajapat for his cooperation in Designing cover of this book.


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