Unveiling Ajit Singh’s Sanskrit Biography

Unveiling Ajit Singh’s Sanskrit Biography
Author: Sanjay Joshi
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788190042215, 8190042211


Unveiling Ajit Singh’s Sanskrit Biography

There are facts that bear out the truth of the assertion that the ancient Indians did have a distinct historical consciousness with an independent view of history and that this view had little in common with the historical values of the Occident. In Rajasthan, probably from the 16th century onwards, a series of chronicles and epics were written on various dynasties. The Ajitodaya-mahakavyam of Pandit Jagajjivana Bhatta, then emerges as an important link in this very remote and unbroken chain of Ancient Indian Historiography. Avowedly, a historical epic of the 18th century on Maharaja Ajit Singh of Marwar, this 32-canto work is very useful as a corroboratory Sanskrit source of the History of Marwar in particular and Rajasthan in general. The present study for the first time investigates, analyzes and discusses quite perceptively the diverse aesthetic elements and politico-historical phenomena weaved in contemporary poetic medium.


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