Rajasthan Before Second World War : A Socio-Economic Study

Rajasthan Before Second World War : A Socio-Economic Study
Author: Jagdish Singh Gehlot
Language: English
Edition: 1981


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The book provides one of the pioneering surveys of Rajasthan as it stood before the merger of the States and the formation of Rajasthan as exists at present. The book deals with the geographical, social, economic, political and cultural condition have prevailed in the then States of Rajasthan. The author has provided a panoramic view of the life of the people in all its facets. The book provides the necessary perspective for the study of Rajasthan. It is of interest to the social scientists, administrators, and the common citizen if one wants to understand the developments that have taken place in Rajasthan. The present conditions can better be appreciated and understood if we try to analyze them or survey them in their historical context. The hook is really informative, as apart from the overall information that it gives, it brings out very many less known facts.


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