Family Law : Principle and Issues

Author : Abhilasha Kataria
Language : English
Edition : 2014
ISBN : 9788190042259
Publisher : RG GROUP


Family Law : Principle and Issues : Today a major change is brought up in the society by the instrument of law. Law has affected the life of every individual up to a great extant. This social transformation has raised an array of disputes within the family and outside the family. Nuclear family has replaced joint family. The matters related to a family have been by Family law or personal law. It is a subject which deals with family affairs such as marriage, divorce, adoption, guardianship, succession, partition, will etc. The Constitution of India ensures equality and freedom to profess any religion and hence various religious communities like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi and Jews are governed by their own personal laws.

The applicability of different personal laws is responsible for innumerable disparities among individuals belonging to different set of communities. At the same time many provisions of family laws have become redundant in the light of changing global scenario. Many Indians who are now the residents of foreign countries, are facing difficulties due to the applicability of different personal laws in India.

This book is an endeavour to analyse few of the important principles in Family law and to address the current issues connected therewith. Apart from this a comparative analysis of various family laws is also supplemented in the book. Another special feature of the book is that it has highlighted the cross-country ‘conflict of laws’ by comparing family laws of different countries. So, overall the book provides a succinct and clear overview of family law issues. The book will be very helpful for Law students, lawyers and researchers. It will also prove as a good literature for competitive exams as it provides a critical analysis with the opinion of various authors.


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