History of the Jaipur State

Author : Mathuralal Sharma
Language : English
ISBN : 9788190042238
2nd Edition : 2020
Publisher : RG GROUP


History of the Jaipur State : The Earlier known works on Rajasthan history pertaining to the erstwhile state of Jaipur, namely those of kaviraja Shyamaldas, Col. James Tod and Col. Brown being chiefly based on the information either available in Rajasthani records or that provided by Bhats Charans, in opinion of the scholars, hardly present a coherent history, whereas, the volume in hands, because of being an outcome of study based on Persian, Marathi, English & Rajasthani records and also the records of Kapaddvara section of Jaipur, which were accessible to the author assumes a great importance and in a way may be said to be a complete picture of the history of Jaipur state. The importance of the present volume lies in the fact, that “No study of the history of Mughals the Marathas and the East India company can be completed without a knowledge of the history of Jaipur or Amber which played an important role in building of the Mughal empire, in stemming the ride of the Maratha of North India….and in welcoming British alliance and also in modernizing itself in the 19th century. Needless to say that this work would prove of utmost use not only for the students & teachers of political history but would also be helpful in understanding the fruitful results of the constant patronage given by the rulers of Jaipur to arts religion, literature & music that makes Jaipur a landmark in our own cultural history.


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