Kingship In Ancient Indian Political Thought

Author : Arti Mehta
Language : English
Edition : 2017
ISBN : 9788190042203
Publisher : RG GROUP


Kingship In Ancient Indian Political Thought : The subject matter of this book is fortunately receiving now a wider recognition at the hands of the Indian universities than before. This is but natural when it is realized that the political thought and institutions of the ancient Indians are best studied along with the facts of their history. Indeed, state action in the past is understood and appreciated only on the back ground of political thought. Those like me engaged in teaching this subject, have, however, felt a need of a work which would give in one compass material that are reread over a number of books. I have attempted, therefore, in this work to present the role of kingship in ancient Indian political thought which, I hope, will be service able to the students as well as to laymen interested in this important subject.

The book begins with a review of the different sources that were assessed to study ancient Indian kingship. I have ventured to assess the relative work of great political thinkers of the ancient times – Kautilya, Sukra and Dante in the field of ancient political thought. Further book deals with different theories regarding Origin of kingship, character of kingship, different qualities of a king, his coronation and the powers of the king. In the latter chapters, attempt has been made to study kings’ role regarding ownership of land and diplomacy.

My obligations are due to all the previous authors on the subject, whom I have mentioned at every step, and whose works have made it possible for me to write this book.


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