Author : Vedasevanirata, KV Venkatanarasimhaiah
Language : English
ISBN : 9789384385521
Edition : 2020
Publisher : RG GROUP


Meerabai : Meerabai was the soul of Rajasthan. She was tower of spiritual perfection for the Devotees. She was a poetess of rare type and a singer of superfine character. She was a special torch light of Bhakti and Love Songs. She was a prominent bright ray spreading over the divine spirit through her divine songs of Bhakti and Love. She was a lonely bright star in the horizon containing countless stars of Prema Gira composers.
Meerabai’s love songs have been the outcome of springs of spiritual delight and devotional experience in life. Those songs have taken root in the heart and should of millions of devotees of the land, not only for their spiritual happiness. This aspect has been delineated by the author in a befitting manner.


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