Some Walls Can Fall

Author : M.M. Kothari
Language : English
Edition : 2017
ISBN : 9788190042267
Publisher : RG GROUP


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Some Walls Can Fall : As far as we can peep into the past of mankind, we find some spiritual masters conveying divine commands meant for certain special groups of human society, the self-styled guardians of mankind. Simultaneously there are commands to destroy the followers of other racial gods of West Asia. The conflicting commands therefore did not permit universal love, the fraternities of mankind. They only created ghettos of small and large “limited fraternities on earth. Some later masters analyzed the doctrines and dogmas of their forefathers and thereby created “sectarian daughters”, that is, ghettos within ghettos.

The world went on living in the ghettos of several man-made walls, the most prominent being between the Jews and Gentiles, Jews and Christians, Christians and Muslims. The medieval period was the most pernicious in human history. Crusades continued among nations at macro-level in politics. Torture and death of the scientists and philosophers continued at micro-levels. However, they set examples of inspiration for mankind. Renaissance and Industrial Revolution led to the spread of education. There were bloody revolutions in Europe and America which implanted the seeds of democracy which later grew also in enslaved colonial countries of the world.

In twentieth century, democratic states suffered a severe challenge from some dictatorships until 1945 when nuclear weapons brought an end to the Second World War. The war-wearied democratic leaders were now worried about any future threat to democracy. They were reconciled to the creation and imposition of the Wall of Berlin to weaken or disable Germany from any such adventure in future. Henceforth, the consolidation of political fraternity became the serious task before democracies.


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