A Book Of Textile Designs

Author : Vijaya Luniya
Language : English
Edition : 2010
ISBN : 8190042211
Publisher : RG GROUP


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A Book of Textile Designs : Unity in diversity is not only through culture, but also in costume and decoration. Each state has its unique Textile design expressing the life style of the people inhabited their occupation, custom, thoughts, beliefs and likings. History explains the influence of traveler’s artisans, artists, art of neighboring countries and states on Indian Textile design. Persian art has a greater influence on designs and motifs, picked up from “Tree of life”. Some states have brought certain changes in their traditional Textile designs as far as ground fabric, type of colors, motifs and articles prepared according to the taste and demand of the consumer. The text describes how to design the print on fabrics and Traditional textile design pattern collected from various museum and library for its traditional use. It can be superb source: book for commercial artist and designers and a fascinating book for anyone interested in Indian culture and designs


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