The Regal Patriot Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner

Auther : Prof. L.S. Rathore
Language : English
Edition : 2007
ISBN : 9788174365057
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Regal Patriot Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner : The princely states of pre-independent India threw up many charismatic leaders, political stalwarts and influential princes. Among the more dynamic was Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner (1880-1943).

Inheriting a strife-ridden kingdom as a mere adolescent of eighteen, Ganga Singh showed a leadership and wisdom well beyond his years, successfully reigning in warring factions and carving out a meticulous, and far sighted plan of progress for Bikaner, which he executed with remarkable success.

Widely acknowledged for his prowess as a warrior, he was soon regarded as an able statesman and visionary, both nationally and at international forums, many of which he attended as India’s representative.

As a ruler, he changed the fortunes of his state by turning a desert kingdom into a fertile prosperous land by constructing by Gang Canal. Spokesperson for the Indian Princes and their representative to the British, he first proposed the India of a federal state.

Architect-builder, able diplomat, eloquent orator, warrior, trusted and benevolent ruler, Ganga Singh’s muti-hued personality and rich legacy make him one of the most resplendent figures in the vibrant history of Rajasthan.


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