The Marwadi Community in Eastern India

Author : Narayan Chandra Saha
Language : English
Edition : 2004
ISBN : 9788186921234
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Marwari Community in Eastern India: A Historical Survey Focusing North Bengal

The migration of community to a specific region and its prosperous growth there, is dependent on a number of socio-economic factors that require in-depth research to understand the nuances of change and complexities of the community’s interaction with the society, economy and polity of the region. This book attempts a study on these lines with respect to the settlement and growth of the Marwari community in the northern districts of West Bengal, throwing light on different aspects of their development as an important business community in the region. Marwari Community Eastern India

Based on surveys and references to district gazetteers, government records as well as articles in newspapers and magazines, the work covers the early history of the Marwari community including its social, cultural, religious and caste identities. It goes into the nature of the Marwari people’s commercial pursuits in the districts under study: their industrial activities, and cultural and political contributions. It deals with significant changes on their part, like their switch over from money-lending to money-investing business, in order to flourish in the settled region and studies the role of the Marwari merchants and entrepreneurs in trade and commerce activities in the region, particularly in important and export. Also, it highlights their philanthropic nature, power of adaptability, broad outlook and other aspects that have helped them mingle with the locals and achieve success in their pioneering efforts.

The Marwari Community in Eastern India: A Historical Survey Focusing North Bengal


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