Origin and Rise of the Imperial Pratiharas of Rajasthan

Author : Shanta Rani Sharma
Language : English
Edition : 2017
ISBN : 9789385593185
Publisher : RG GROUP


Incorporating hitherto unexplored source material, the work presents a fresh reconstruction of the early Imperial Pratihāra history, providing new insights into the transitional forces that led to the origin and rise of the Imperial Pratihāra lineage as a supra-regional power, forging a new vibrant identity for the region of Rajasthan. New details of the successful military campaigns of Nagabhaṭa I and Vatsarāja reveal the political vitality of the rulers. Dynamic historical forces of change such as the new political configurations, military fervour, social fluidity, diverse urban forces widening the resource-base and the changing roles of different elite as well as non-elite classes stand identified on the basis of an analytic study of a wide range of archaeological and literary sources, Sanskrit as well as Prākrit.


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