The Ksatriyas in Ancient India

Author : Madhumita Chatterji
Language : English
Edition : 2007
ISBN : 8121511585
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Ksatriyas in Ancient India : The book highlights the kaleidoscopic nature o the Indian society and the development of the caste system as an organic response to the requirements of this multiple society. The origin, life and legacy of the Ksatriya caste are the central theme. The compelling charting of the romantic and adventurous journey of this caste through the various periods of Ancient Indian History illuminates their iconic life. The role of the Ksatriyas as the ruling class, their relationship with other castes, their socio-economic and political activities and liabilities have been chronicled in detail bringing history to life. Special reference to the position of the Ksatriya women adds a new dimension to the book. The book gives a better understanding of such fundamental topics as rise to power, charismatic leadership, theories of kingship, the position of women, socio-economic interface and decline of the supreme power associated with this enigmatic caste. The book is synthesis of knowledge and insight from many sources hence offers a comprehensive picture.


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