Fast-tracking to Managerial and CEO Roles

Author : Ajit Singhvi (Ph.D. DEngr.), Sapta Sheel
Language : English
ISBN : 9781646691012
Version : CEO (Full Colour, Hardbound)
Edition : 2020
Publisher : Books Treasure



Inspired by Edward Deming’s role in the Skill Development and Transformation of Japanese Enterprises, Mr Singhvi have co-authored a multipurpose compendium/handbook of Management & Transformation under the title “Fast-tracking to Managerial and CEO Roles” providing an overview of 277 topics in 480 pages with user-friendly graphics.
The purpose of this handbook is to Enhance Managerial and Transformational Capabilities of:
1. Engineering Students as the economy in the future would need Management savvy Competent Engineers for managing corporations. Even browsing the book, a few pages a day for six months, in their leisure time, before the interviews, will enable them to secure More Rewarding Placements and Jobs.
The second objective is to make a larger pool of Management savvy next-generation Engineers for the Sustainable Success of any initiatives for industrial growth, such as the “Making in India; Made for the World” Mission.
In most countries, many Engineering students are financially constrained, even with the offer of cheaper loans, to undertake one or two year MBA program. One option for enhancing their managerial abilities is to
• Provide them, through the Library Book Bank, a copy of this book on Management and Transformation, a few months before Placement interviews, for self-read.
• Support the above with some hand-holding evening/weekend/lectures from Management teachers.
2. MBA Students and Management Training Program participants by providing them with this book as
Pre-course reading material/basic textbook covering most of the course topics, thus improving classroom lecture absorption.
Post-course reference material for use at work
• Only book providing an overview of both the know-how for Transformation and knowledge on Management topics at one place.
3. Employees wanting to fast-track to Snr. Managerial and CEO Roles in any Enterprise anywhere.
4. Employers wishing to align the employees to the processes of management and transformation for synergistic contributions from teams.
5. Readers from other disciplines in any sector of the economy or government, aspiring to learn more about 277 topics in management and transformation, for rapid career advancement.

Ajit Singhvi is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, Manchester Business School, Middlesex University (School of Engineering), Ashridge Management College, Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with over five decades of experience in the CEO and other roles for some of the global corporations in many countries.


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