Padmanabha’s Kanhadade Prabandha

(India’s Greatest Patriotic of Medieval Times)
Author : V.S. Bhatnagar
Language : English
Edition : 2021
ISBN : 9788194538783
Publisher : RG GROUP



Padmanabha’s Kanhadade Prabandha

Kanhadade Prabandha was composed by poet Padmanabha in 1455 A.D. On account of its multifarious qualities, it has been hailed by such eminent scholars as Muni Jina Vijayaji and others as the finest work in old Gujarati or old Rajasthani, and the greatest patriotic work written in any Indian language during the medieval period. The work gives a graphic account of the conquest of Gujarat by the Muslims during Sultan Alauddin s period and the fall of the two important Rajput principalities of Siwana and Jalor. But that is not all. (Padmanabhas Kanhadade Prabandha)

In no other work written during this period we find a more clear picture of what really befell the people of India during the course of the establishment of Muslim rule in India, and how the Indians, at many places, took an honorable stand and put up a splendid fight, forcing the Muslim armies suffer many a humiliating defeats. The work gives an entirely different picture of Hindu psychology, character, ideals, capabilities and noble traditions of chivalry, which had their roots in their two great epics and even in earlier works, and of their superior culture and values, as well as their unshakable faith in their religion, than what is commonly known through the Persian histories.

The work also exposes the falsity of many imaginative theories, fanciful explanations, and ingenious observations of some of the most eminent present day Indian historians of Medieval India about the nature and character of Turkish conquests in India and Indian response to it.

(India’s Greatest Patriotic of Medieval Times)

In brief, Kanhadade Prabandha helps us in acquiring a better understanding of that unfortunate period which witnessed the establishment of foreign Islamic rule in India, and the Muslim behavior pattern which generated utmost abhorrence for their ideals, practices, and precepts as manifested through their actions.

Padmanabhas Kanhadade Prabandha

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