Women Saints of Rajasthan

Author : Ritu Sharma
Language : English
ISBN : 9789384385170
Edition : 2016
Publisher : RG Group


Women Saints of Rajasthan : This book is divided into seven chapters including the conclusion. In the first chapter, the author has given the background and introduction of the philosophical and sociological tradition of Bhakti Movement in India. In the second chapter, the author has elucidated the origin and growth of Bhakti Movement in Rajasthan. The third Chapter deals with the status and position of women.
Author has narrated in the fourth chapter about the traditions of women saints and their impact on the society. Chapter fifth focuses on the women saints of Rajasthan. Chapter sixth is related to the impact on women through the reforms movement during the 19th century. The last chapter is the conclusion wherein the author has analyzed the impact of Bhakti Movement on all folk of life covering all religions which resulted into awareness against social evils such as child marriage, Sati, Parda System, Polygamy, female infanticide and impact of the reform movement on widow remarriage, women education, etc. The author has given the detailed list of the bibliography of primary as well as secondary sources at the end of each chapter.


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