Third Gender, Concubines and Slaves

(A Study In Historical Prospectives Through The Ages)
Author: SP Vyas, Manorama Upadhyaya
Language: English
3rd Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9789384385606
Publisher: RG GROUP


Third Gender, Concubines and Slaves

(A Study In Historical Prospectives Through The Ages)

Present book is a collection of seminar proceedings, organised by Department of History, Mahila P.G. Mahavidyala. There are very few works pertaining to Third Gender, Concubines and Slaves. The contributors have analysed and examined the position and contribution of these marginalised classes of society in India, whose presence is there, but stands negated. It is the need of the hour that these marginalised subalterns should be discussed, their position researched and their contribution recognised in the pages of history. Third Gender Concubines Slaves

FORWORD Third Gender Concubines Slaves

“Third Gender, Concubines and Slaves: A study in Historical Perspective Through the Ages”, edited/authored by Prof. S.P. Vyas and Dr. Manorama Upadhyay, is covering a subject which remained out of the sight for ages. The subject has also not received desired & deserved attention in the historical perspective since long. I congratulate and compliment the authors who are eminent historians for their sincere efforts to unearth the woes of Third Gender since time immemorial, besides highlighting the social stature enjoyed by them. The social menace of Concubinage and Slavery too had mushroomed during medieval age, and still continue to hound some sections of our society. This vital issue needs to be addressed with utmost expediency to eradicate it and, for achieving the goals of an egalitarian society. After going through the complete text, I feel impressed by its invaluable contents which are based on thorough study of the vital subject.

The society as such is looking at the Third gender people with contempt, and deriving pleasure from their misfortune. For centuries together they were neglected, mocked, and taken beneath notice. While treating them humans, it is high time for all of us to introspect and mend our ways to uplift them. In order to bring them in mainstream, besides Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, a common man is also expected to play proactive role. What they need is empathy and catch so as to boost their moral and a sense of social security. Overall, these have-nots of the society are in dire need of encouragement, education and congenial atmosphere for their rehabilitation.

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