Socioeconomic Conditions in Rajasthan

Socioeconomic Conditions in Rajasthan
Author: Brij Mohan Jawalia
Language: English
Edition: 2002


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Socioeconomic Conditions in Rajasthan

The book has been composed on the basis of archival, archaeological, literary epigraphical and numismatic documents selected by the writer for this purpose. It throws sufficient light on the various aspects of social life of urban, as well as rural sectors. It also reflects on health, hygiene. costumes. ornaments, family structure, and socio-religious beliefs. The book provides the first-hand information on the agrarian system, means, mode and nature of production, technological developments, industrial growth, trade, commerce, trade routes, monetary system, price structure, famines and a few other aspects. The book also deals usury which had become the profitable occupation. It shows clearly the pathetic picture of the common man caused by the oppressive nature of the upper classes and natural calamities etc.
In spite of this, the local bodies at the government and non-government level were existing in the society for the charity. The book also contains the rare documents which throw light on the prices of various commodities for a number of years and for which a very few data are available elsewhere. The book contains the detailed account of the agrarian system, area cultivation, means of cultivation, land revenue system, classification of land, stratification of peasantry etc. The book will certainly create new awareness and stimulate the interest in regional socio-economic history, and would also prove to be a landmark in the development of socio-economic historiography.


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