Social And Political Awakening Among The Tribals Of Rajasthan

Author : G.N. Sharma
Language : English
Edition : N/A
Publisher : RG GROUP


Social And Political Awakening Among The Tribals Of Rajasthan : In Rajasthan there has been no break in the continuity of civilization from the Kalibanga to our own time. This aspect is represented by the useful role of the tribals, the Bhils, Meenas, Sahariayas etc. who occupied the South-Western, South-Eastern and North-Eastern hilly and wild belts of the region. Unfortunately, there is nothing here today, except archaeological remains, to remind us of their pre-historic culture. However, a study of their life and actions unfold through the centuries a panorama of interesting men and events, of their changing moods and situations.

When the Rajputs entered Rajasthan, during the early medieval age, and established their political power over the fertile and defended parts of Rajasthan, their conquests upset the age old position and possessions of the tribals. They were driven to the forests and hilly regions with frugal means to survive. This state of affairs left them at the mercy of nature and led to the creation of a wide gulf between the townd-wellers and forest-dwellers. Nevertheless, there was no sudden break in the continuity of their institutions and culture.

With the challenge of the Turks and the Mughals to the political authority of the Rajputs, a new era dawned. Importance of the tribals was realized by the Rajputs and they were brought nearer to their leaders by alliances and compromises. Happily they agreed to fight against the common enemies and established their challenging superiority in weapons and war. The successes of Rana Pratap and Durgadas largely rested on these trusted warriors of the soil.

When the British imperialism had its sway our the Chiefs of Rajasthan from 1818 onwards and subsequent encroachments over the traditional rights of the tribals took place, there began the phase of irritation. These patriotic freelancers were provoked to radical violence for the cause of their liberty and glorious past. The effective leadership of Govind Giri and Motilal Tejavat inspired their heroism for retaining and serving the original vision of unity. They boldly reacted to the situation, flinging away their lives for freedom.

It is the purpose of this little volume to bring home to the readers the creative role of the tribals for whom liberty and freedom are dearest ideals of their life.


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