Rajputana States (1817-1950)

Author : F.K. Kapil
Language : English
Edition : 2018
Publisher : RG GROUP


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Rajputana States (1817-1950) : This book on the History of Rajputana has an interesting reading exhibiting a scientific approach necessary for writing a History. The native historians, though numerous and authoritative, have employed their labour with much skill and erudition. Still, they have some defects as most of them are prone to be panegyric and disposes to exaggerate with the traditional obsequency. They are apt to suppress facts which tell against their hero. Kapil has traversed a new path not entirely depending on his predecessors. The Book, based on the material collected from different Archives and Libraries, gives a vivid account of the Rajputana during 19th and the first half of 20th century.
The author traces various aspects of the attitude of Princes of Rajputana States towards British Crown, Paramountcy, Indian Federation, Freedom Movement, Accession and Formation of Rajasthan after 1947. The span is short still Kapil has tried to put it differently and has to go beyond a clan sense of history.


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