Rajasthan Through The Ages (Vol. 1)

Author : Dr. Dasharath Sharma
Language : English
Edition : 2014
ISBN : 9788190921985
Publisher : RG GROUP


Rajasthan Through The Ages (Vol. 1) : The history of a people is not merely a chronological arrangement of events and incidents. An analysis of development of society and its culture is essential to the understanding of history.

We have heard and read the daring account of great warriors and patriots like Rana Sanga and Rana Pratap. The touch of divine magic in the works of Rajasthan sculptors and painters has held us spell-bound. Behind all this, one can perceive the character and culture which has a unity of its own. The delineation of this characteristic unity in the development, through various well-defined historical periods, of culture of a society is the most valuable and essential aid to the understanding of its history. The present volume has successfully attempted this task.

Eminent scholars who worked on the Advisory Board and the Board of Editors have made commendable contributions to the preparation of this memorable document of authentic history of Rajasthan.


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