Mewar under Maharana Kumbha

Author : U.N. Day
Language : English
Edition : 1978
Publisher : RG GROUP


Mewar under Maharana Kumbha : Mewar Under Maharana Kumbha is a study of the emergence of Mewar as a political power in the state system of medieval India during the fifteenth century. As an aftermath of Timur’s invasion when the Sultanate of Delhi started crumbling into pieces and in the regions of Gujarat, Malwa, Khandesh and Jaunpur, new Muslim powers emerged as independent kingdoms, in the region of Rajas- than. Mewar under the leadership of the Sisodias also started recovering its lost power. While Maharanas Hammir, Kheta, Lakha and Mokul constantly strove to establish the authority of Mewar, it was under the leadership of Maharana Kumbha that Mewar acquired the position of a first rate power.

Kumbha ascended the throne at a time when Mewar was suffering from internal dissensions and, from outside was facing aggression from the rulers of Gujarat, Malwa, and Nagor. Maharana Kumbha certainly rose to the occasion and whatever he could do to promote the power of Mewar was by itself no mean achievement. In this study side by side with the political aspect the administrative and cultural aspects too have been examined which help to place Mewar in its proper perspective in the history of the Hajpur s during the medieval period of Indian history.


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