Social Life in Mediaeval Rajasthan

Author : G.N. Sharma
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2011
ISBN : 9788190042246
Publisher : RG GROUP


‘Social Life in Mediaeval Rajasthan’ is a scholarly work of Dr. G.N. Sharma a renowned historian of Rajasthan. It goes without saying that Dr. Sharma was himself a scholar of different languages such as Sanskrit, Persian, Dingal etc. which helped him to handle original sources, translating and interpreting relevant references throwing light on the subject. He was an expert of epigraphy and numismatics add immense value to his research work.
Though the emphasis is on social organisation and Life of Mediaeval Rajasthan he has thrown important light on religious, economic and literary (education) conditions prevailing in Mediaeval Rajasthan. The book also includes the cultural aspects i.e. art, architecture, music etc. Every minute detail such as POSHAL system of primary education, barter system, the prevalence of social-religious gatherings etc. are vividly described.
Renowned historians like R.P. Tripathi, S.R. Sharma, Tarachand and Ishwari Prasad were of the opinion that G.N. Sharma’s ‘Social Life in Mediaeval Rajasthan’ is a work of highest historical value. There is no doubt that the work, which is a landmark in the study of Mediaeval Rajasthan will serve as a torchbearer for scholars, researchers, and general readers.


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