Mausoleums and Tombs of Rajasthan- History and Architechture

Author : R. Mishra
Language : English
Edition : 2007
ISBN : 9788181820341, 8181820347
Publisher : RG GROUP


Mausoleums and Tombs of Rajasthan- History and Architechture : The history of Muslim sovereignty in India begins properly speaking with IItutmish; He was the first free Sultan of India. It was he who raised the first Muslim tomb in India at Sultangadhi on the mortal remains of his son. All the dynasties which ruled over India such as the Slaves, Khaljies, Tughluks, Sayyids and Lodis and later the Mughals had their tomb making propensity It was a great architectural peculiarity of the Tatar or Mongolian races. In India the tombs of Pathans and Mughals form. a complete and unbroken series of architectural monuments from the first years of the Muslim invasion to the present day.

These tombs were solemn resting places of their mortal remains.

These tombs had architectural elegance, purity of design and sepulchral magnificence. These are solid massive building unmistakably appropriated to the purpose to which they are dedicated and capable of an expression of sublimity.

The present book deals with the subject of mausoleums and tombs of Rajasthan Tombs of two categories are generally found in the state i.e., the tombs built on political figures and those raised on saints. A full treatment has been accorded to the subjects of these monuments and their architectural excellence has been defined in detail.

This is the first and foremost work in Rajasthan dealing with the subject. It is hoped that it will prove useful and interesting to the scholars and general readers as well.


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