Maharaj Shakti Singh and The Shaktawats of Boheda

Author : Devilal Paliwal, Surendra Singh Boheda
Language : English
Edition : 2004
Publisher : RG GROUP


Maharaj Shakti Singh and The Shaktawats of Boheda : Maharaja Shakti Singh and The Shektawats of Boheda Bohera, Shektawat family is an offshoot of the Bhidar premier branch of the Shaktawats in Mewar. In 1805 A.D. the Bohera Thikana began, when Maharana Bhim Singh granted the patta of the Bohera to Kunwar Fateh Singh of Bhindar family, placing him in the second class rank of the Mewar nobility. Initial jagir holders proved very negligent and irresponsible managers of the Thikana burdening it with heavy debts and several villages, land holdings, and wells etc. were mortgaged. They usually depended upon usurers to meet their daily expenses. Several succession disputes also arose between Bhindar and Bohera families resulting into bloody strifes. Rawat Bakhtawar Singh took to rebellion against the state. In 1884 A.D. the Maharana dispatched state army to attack Bohera, when Bohera family refused to obey his orders. It resulted in great destruction of the palaces and properties of the thikana and dwindled is resources greatly. It was Rawat Nahar Singh who succeeded in 1897 A.D., and restored the prosperity and status of the thikana with his wisdom, diligence and dedicated.


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