The Lalgarh Palace Home of the Maharajas of Bikaner

Author : Rajyashree Kumari
Language : English
Edition : 2009
ISBN : 9788189835101
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Lalgarh Palace Home of the Maharajas of Bikaner : This book evokes the romance of the rugged desert kingdom of Bikaner and its royal family. In the midst of the large and mysterious sands of the Thar Desert rises the imposing beauty of the Lallgarh palace, Bikaner. Stories whispered by the wind as it frolicked and raged over the long caravans that crawled across this mighty desert, have been caught and penned by princess rajyashree kumari. Built in 1902 by architect sir swinton Jacob, as residence of for maharaja Ganga singhlallgarh palace is one of the best examples of indo-saracenic architecture amalgamating the best of Rajput, Muslim and European styles. Built by local craftsmen in dulmera red sandstone, its carved arches display the mastery of the local artisans. This book is an enchanting tale by princess rajashree kumara of her royal family as they lived and played over five generations in the backdrop of the imposing beauty of Lallgarh palace. In this intriguing story of a princess, Rajyashree recounts her life growing up in the Lallgarh palace. The little known customs and traditions that prevailed in the royal house of Bikaner and yet untold episodes from the lives of the great maharajas in her family. Now converted into a luxury heritage hotel, her story holds you spellbound as you relive the days when the grand courtyards and imposing lawns rang with the pomp and pageantry of royal durbans. The magnificence of the gilded age of the maharajas, the sheer luxury and laughter of its resplendent visitors, men from the pages of history, Lord Curzon, its first visitor, king Georage V, Lord Mountbatten all come alive as she recounts their visit bringing it to present day visitors. The secrets and mysteries of the house of Bikaner long since buried in the shifting sand dunes are brought to life by princess Rajashree kumara, who has actually lived them.


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