Kumbhalgarh – The Invincible Fort

Author : Gaurishankar Asava
Language : English
Edition : 2023
ISBN : 9788190042291
Publisher : RG GROUP


Kumbhalgarh – The Invincible Fort

The present book gives a vivid description and general introduction of the invincible fort of Kumbhalgarh which was built by Maharana Kumbha on the high packs of Arawali terrain to protect territories of Mewar from the Muslim invaders and another outside incursion. At the beginning of the book, the geographical location of the fort and the historical background of it have been traced out in the simple language adorned with the lucid style. The strategic importance, the architectural and monumental value of the fort along with the worth-seeing places of it are the main feature of this book. Kumbhalgarh – The Invincible Fort

The main fort and the neighboring tourist resorts of Kumbhalgarh have been mentioned in details which may serve the purpose of guidelines to the tourist and the visitors. A portrait of the personality, works and achievement of Maharana Kumbha with the fort and, therefore, the writer has done labour to trace it out in a separate political situation of the country and mentality of the medieval age. The stone inscriptions of Kumbhalgarh mentioned in the last chapter prove the glorious period of Maharana Kumbha. It can attract the vision of the historians to proceed in the fieldwork of research. In nutshell, this book is very useful and valuable for its readers because it has touched all the important points of Kumbhalgarh in short and sweet manner.

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