Jaisalmer : Life and Culture of the Indian Desert

Author : Kodai Konishi, M. A. Konishi
Language : English
Edition : 2013
ISBN : 9788124606599
Publisher : RG GROUP


Jaisalmer : Life and Culture of the Indian Desert : This volume juxtaposes the history, culture, occupation and the lifestyle of people in the desert district of Jaisalmer of western Rajasthan, bordering Pakistan Popularly called the “Golden City in Desert”. The city has much more to say beyond its popular fort and palaces. Jaisalmer was an old city of commercial magnitude for centuries till the onset of British rule in India. It was on route connecting the East and West in trade. It has now been transformed to a tourist destination, enticing people from India and abroad.

The book details its past glory, lost signification and the regained charm through centuries of development. It also accounts for the brief history of Marwar, its rajas of valor, and their heroic struggle for existence and survival against foreign attacks. Picturesque portrayal of the fort, the people of Jaisalmer, their cultural, ethnic and the religious mores, and the “must see” sports in the quintessential focus of the book.

Moving away from the city life, the book also focuses on the village life, exploring the mysteries and charm of the desert life. It unearths the hidden charms and the warmth of village life in this desert region, along with a brief account of occupation of people around.

This connection would motivate also researchers of ancient monuments and history, and enthuse tourists who would like to visit the Golden City in Desert.



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