History and Culture of Rajasthan

Author : Kishan Gopal Sharma
Language : English
Edition : 2020
ISBN : 9789385445828
Publisher : RG GROUP


History and Culture of Rajasthan : Rajasthan is known as a land of velour, sacrifice, devotion, and romance. Rajasthan is a region which is celebrated for its glittering royalty and vibrant folk.

This book “History and Culture of Rajasthan” is an attempt to weave together and synthesize the hard researches, made by competent authorities, in different areas of Rajasthan’s history and culture. The book endeavors to bring out an authenticated account of Rajasthan’s history and culture, narrated in simplified manner, by scholars specializing in their studies.

The book is highly inclusive in terms of epochs and multiple horizons of the history and culture of Rajasthan. It offers a fascinating reading for the inquisitive readers of Rajasthan and fulfils the need for an English textbook on history of Rajasthan.


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