Hindu Revivalism (Its Ideological Roots Of Nationalism)

Author : Poonam Bawa
Language : English
Edition : 2007
Publisher : RG GROUP


Hindu Revivalism (Its Ideological Roots Of Nationalism) : The modern Indian Political Thought has acquired a great significance in study and research during the last four decades or so. Whether this emerging field should be styled as ‘Thought’ or ‘Ideas’, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the choice of the term. Instead of surveying the pros and cons of the use of the relevant term, it can safely be asserted that modern Indian political thought has come to occupy a prominent place in the curriculum of political science in Indian universities.

In the realm of modern Indian political thought there are significant ideas and ideologies. The ideologies, such as nationalism and cultural nationalism, rights and freedom, humanism and new humanism, sataygarh and non-violence, partyless democracy and total revolution. The cult of the individual and of the collective whole, the religious concepts and the two nation theory and others sprawl over the field in such a way, making the field a confused intertwining for any researcher. These ideologies have developed according to the circumstances and the situations that have developed from time to time, either in the 19th century or in the first half of 20th century. The ideologies that have cropped up in the domain of modern Indian political thought, or are still developing, are mostly the racy of the soil. These ideologies have a great relevance towards reforming the Indian society, and thereby to build up the healthy social and political bases in the country.


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