Hammira of Ranthambore

Hammira of Ranthambore
Author : Har Bilas Sharda
Language : English
Edition : 2010
ISBN : 819004222X
Publisher : RG GROUP


Hammira of Ranthambore : Maharaja hammirdeva hammirdeva of Rahthambhor is celebrated in Hindustan for chivalry and for unswerving determination. His affording shelter to a brave man, alien in race and religion, fleeing from the wrath of the most implacable, ruthless and blood thirsty tyrant of his time, and his reply to Sultan Alauddin when the latter demanded the surrender of Mir Muhammad Shah that “the sun would sooner rise in the west and Sumeru be levelled with the earth than he would break his plighted faith” show his noble character and his sublime courage. He defied the might of one of the greatest monarchs who ever sat on the throne of Delhi and risked all to uphold the sacred traditions of his chivalrous race, which regarded it as a point of honor never to refuse shelter to the weak and the oppressed against the oppressor. The verdict of posterity on his character and achievement is summed up in the well known couplet.


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