Glories of Mewar

Author : G.N. Sharma
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2015
ISBN : 9789384385064
Publisher : RG GROUP


Glories of Mewar : The erstwhile state of Mewar has a brilliant past. Her princes and people fought in war and built in peace. These features well account for the Glories narrated in the following pages. The present work embodies the author’s numerous articles, concerned with the political and cultural history of Mewar, which have originally appeared in such journals and periodicals as the Proceedings of the Indian Historical Records Commission, the Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, the Indian Historical Quarterly, the Adyar Library Bulletin, the Journal of Indian Museums, the Journal of Research of the Universities of Uttar Pradesh, the Journal of Renaissance Universal, the Modern Review, etc. In order to hold the interest of the readers and develop new trends some of the contents of the articles have been revised and certain amount of new matter has been added. It is hoped, the book will be a valuable welcome addition to a field of social and cultural history which has been too little cultivated.

I acknowledge deep gratitude to Dr. G. C. Pande, Professor and Head of the Department of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan, for the encouragement I received from him in connection with the preparation of this book. I wish to thank Shri S. N. Mudgal for offering ungrudging assistance in critical reading of the typescript and the proof-sheets. Thanks are also due to Messrs. Shiva Lal Agarwala & Co., Agra for giving the book a descent get-up.


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