The Art And Literature of Banjara Lambanis

Author : D.B. Naik
Language : English
Edition : 2000
ISBN : 8170173647
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Art And Literature of Banjara Lambanis : The present book is a laudable attempt to study the folk literature and folk arts of the Banjara-Lambanis, one of the original tribes of ‘real’ India. Dr. Naik explores the so far unknown facets of Lambani folk literature and arts comprehensively folk songs, narrative songs, folk tales, proverbs, dance, Rangoli, embroidery, tattooing and folk dramas. In this book he establishes “a realm of study in which one could spend a lifetime with pleasure”, mapping the whole world of Banjara-Lambanis oral tradition. So this book is highly useful to the academics and interesting to the laymen.


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