Ancient Cities and Towns of Rajasthan

Author : K.C. Jain
Language : English
3rd Edition : 2016
ISBN : 9789384385101
Publisher : RG GROUP


Ancient Cities and Towns of Rajasthan : Based on the most authentic material drawn from the Archaeological and Literary Sources, this book presents a study of culture and Civilization of the State of Rajasthan before the thirteenth century A.D. The Author has Critically Sifted and examined the ancient available records vise-a-verse the new facts and aspects that have recently come to light and has given the right interpretation to the long-established facts, sometimes substantiated and sometimes contradicted them.
The work is divided into thirteen chapters. These embody investigations into the hitherto unknown aspects of the State of Rajasthan, in the different stages of its history, in regard to crucial topics such as the territorial divisions of the State, the growth of its urban life, the factors for the selection of the sites of its towns and cities together with their nomenclature, their political, economic, religious, architectural and literary life as well as the causes of their development and decay. The book offers a valuable study of Rajput Culture and Civilization. Its value is enhanced by the inclusion of appropriate and maps.


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