History of the House of Diggi

Author : Kalika Ranjan Qanungo
Language : English
Edition : 1997
Publisher : RG GROUP


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History of the House of Diggi : History is a written account in the form of a faithful narrative of facts brought by the members of the great human family. In case of kingdoms and empires such facts are related with wars and political affairs together with other inter-related events These facts are usually individual, typical and collective. Individual facts are of the greatest importance for historians, for these are about men whose characters and positions had influenced the realm in which they lived. A methodical historian would try his best to consult and verify the essential family accounts as supporting documents to construct a faithful history out of it. Family histories of individuals are authentic evidences in such cases. Such accounts can be available in National and State Archives or in private collections of the Thikanas, and private collections.

The late professor K.R. Qanungo, the celebrated historian and a worthy disciple of Sir Jadunath Sarkar, the doyen of Indian historians, had therefore contacted the then Chief of Diggi, the late Thakuran* Sangramsinghji for permission to consult his Thikana records.

Thakuran Sangramsinghji willingly assigned the task of writing this history and made available to him the Archival papers of his Thikana. Dr. Qanungo had completed this task in 1963. Thalmun Sahib had also taken a solemn promise from him that he would not copy the documents or publish them as Dr. Qanungo himself mentions it in his book, Studies in Rajptt History on P. III However, a few months before Th Narainsinghji of Diggi passed away in Feb. 1996, he very kindly entrusted to me the task of editing the typed Mss. and publish it with necessary additional notes.

Dr. Qanungo, on his part, made a thorough study and use of these papers and knitted out a faithful history of the Khangarot House of Diggi. In his work he has impartially dealt with the careers of the Amber rulers and the distinguished nobles who were born in the chiva-lrous Khangarot clan of the Kachhawahas. It is obvious that the members of this clan played a notable role in maintaining the state and the House of the rulers of Amber and Jaipur.


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