Maharana Kumbha And His Times

Author : Ram Vallabh Somani
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2017
ISBN : 9788190042254
Publisher : RG GROUP


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Maharana Kumbha And His Times :

I have made an attempt to write a book on Maharana Kumbha in Hindi, sometimes in 1964-1967 A.D. under the able guidance of Dr. G.N.Sharma. Necessary help was also provided to me by Muni Jin Vijayji, Pt. Chain sukh Dasji, Dr. Dashrath Sharma, Bhagawandas Jain, Muni Kanti sagarji and many other scholars. Late Maharana Shri Bhagawat singhji of Mewar granted me financial assistance. He remained very kind and encouraged me to write more books on Chittor and two volumes on the history of Mewar. The book “Maharana Kumbha” was much appreciated and became out of print before several years.

After the publication of the book, a lot of new material was , discovered. Therefore, it became necessary to rewrite a book on Kumbha.I have therefore, attempted in English to redraft the book. Necessary additions and alterations have been made. Due to the increasing cost of production I have summarised, some of its chapters. A separate chapter on Sutradhar Mandan has been included in the portions of other literatures.

The present book will prove very helpful to the students and others for the study of premedieval Rajasthan. My grateful thanks are. due to Sarvashri R. C. Agrawala, Mehavir singh Gahlot, Kr. Sangram singh, V. S. Shrivastava, Prakash Bafana, B. M.J awaliya, Kastur chand Kasaliwal and many others, who had ungrudgingly extended their help a in procuring the material and furnishing their valuable suggestions, My thanks are also due to my wife Shantidevi, my sons Ramray, Rajesh, Kamal, Gopal and Mahesh, and my publisher Shri Ram Chandra Agarwal for timely help rendered by them. I hope this book will prove useful for the study of premedieval history of Rajasthan.


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