Struggle for Responsible Government in Jaipur State 1931-1949

Author : K.C. Mathur
Language : English
Edition : 2005
Publisher : RG GROUP


Struggle for Responsible Government in Jaipur State 1931-1949 : In the beginning of the twentieth century the people of the princely states were ruled by the feudal chiefs. The masses in Rajputana a backward area as compared to some other states of the country, were not even conscious of their rights. Born and brought up in an atmosphere of traditional loyalty to their masters the teeming millions who were mostly illiterate, did not have the courage to challenge the special priviledges of their ruler and the local feudal lords. Consequently they suffered silently for centuries together.
However, gradually the impact of the forces of modernism began to arouse them from their age-old slumber. The growth of education, though at a slow pace: the development of the means of transport and other means of communications, the circulation of newspapers and journals and the contact with their neighbours inhabiting the British administered areas, along with several other factors, were responsible for inspiring the people to challenge the bastion of feudalism, Like other princely states of the country the people of the princely states in Rajputana also launched agitations for the establishment of local self-governing institutions in the cities and districts. In several areas of Rajputana the peasants strongly protested against the levy of undue cesses, exaction of ‘begar’ and other such acts of oppression by their chiefs with the formation of the Praja Mandals in the states of Rajasthan the movements for having a share in the government of their areas and for the establishment of responsible government gained momentum. Such movements were opposed by the ruling class with all the resources at their command. Consequently the struggle between the two opposing forces, which continued till the accession of the states to the Indian Union, was grim.
The main theme of the present work is to study the various facets of the struggle of the people of the state of Jaipur for having a responsible government in the state. In a way the course of the struggle in Jaipur, a premier state of Rajasthan, was more or less similar to that of other states in the area.
The main sources of the study are the records of the Government of India, the state of Jaipur and private records. The published reports of both of them viz. Administration reports, reports on constitutional development and other related subjects have also been consulted.


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