Jaipur Quilts

Author : Krystyana
Language : English
Edition : 2012
ISBN : 9788192091259
Publisher : RG GROUP


Jaipur Quilts : Jaipur, the famed Pink City of Rajasthan conjures up images of a bygone era in the mind’s eye. Of royalty and stories of gallantry and battlefield valour; of a desert landscape poised against vivid shades of colour; of art and aesthetics and above all, its vibrant people. Built in AD 1727, the splendour of its palaces and forts and the breathtaking array of its traditional crafts continue to attract tourists and connoisseurs of history and art from all corners of the world. The Jaipur textile industry has for long, inspired countless artists and designers to create exquisite products of both beauty and utility. The Jaipuri razai is a perfect example of this exclusive trend in its display of excellent traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty as well as its high utility value.


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