Archaeological Remains and Excavations at Sambhar

Author : Rai Bahadur & Sahni
Language : English
Edition : 2015
ISBN : 9788186782316, 8186782311
Publisher : RG BOOKS


Archaeological Remains and Excavations at Sambhar : The report ‘Archaeological Remains and Excavations At Sambhar was published by Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni, Director of Archaeology and Historical Research, Jaipur State, This book is a reprint of the same. The excavations at Sambhar were conducted in the year 1936-37 and 1937-38 A.D. The report supplies us with valuable information with regard to the site.

This is his second report, prefaced with an introduction of the researches that were carried out in the Jaipur State. The site which is near Sambhar, was excavated for two seasons in succession. The estimate of total expenditure during both these seasons was Rs. 5,873/2/9. During the excavation about 3460 antiquities were brought to light and registered.

The excavation site which is an extensive ancient mound, is situated on the banks of a dried-up lake. This lake is 4 miles distant from the famous Salt Lake of Sambhar. The site is 54 miles distant from Jaipur and easily accessible. The site was excavated on trial basis by Col. T.H. Hendley, assisted by Mr. Lyon in the cold weather of 1884. The extent of the mound is 2000 feet from North to South with an average Width of 1800 feet. The highest portion of the mound stands about 40 feet above the bed of the small lake. Col. Hendley dug four trenches on the mound. The portable antiquities found by him include bone spikes, ornamental pottery jars, terracotta figurines, copper coins, beads and a pottery seal.

D.R. Sahni excavated this site later in 1936. Six new trenches were dug. In all, forty-five separate dwellings were exposed on six distinct levels in all- the trenches. The excavations have revealed that the site was inhabited by people in 3rd cent. B.C. and flourished until 10th cent. A.D. In spite of immense damage caused to the site by vandals for want of cheap construction material, the site has brought forth significant results during the excavation. This place was an important industrial centre. The significant antiquities found at the site comprise of about 200 coins including six silver punch-marked coins, six late Indo-Sassanian coins of copper, an Indo-Greek coin of silver. The gold objects were quite few viz. a bead of thin gold, a piece of gold leaf etc. Some objects of iron and copper were also found. Besides this dices, moulded plaques, pottery utensils, potters dabbers, spindle whorls, steatite caskets and shell objects were also brought to light. With regard to the religious beliefs, the site was undoubtedly inhabited by poeple of Brahmanical faith.


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