Wild Wonders of Rajasthan

Author: R. Singh, V.D. Sharma
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788172340148
Publisher: RG GROUP


Rajasthan is well known for its history and its magnificent forts and palaces, its ritual celebrations, its handicrafts, colour, pomp and pageantry. Somewhat less known, though equally well documented in general books on wildlife, is the State’s undeclared treasure of fauna and avifauna. The geographical variations in the State has provided a distinctive tapestry where wildlife abounds, preserved in a large number of which started as hunting reserves for the former royal families of the State. The book is illustrated with colour plates, photographs taken by naturalists and conservators who have spent several occasions in the wilderness recording these events. Wild Wonders of Rajasthan

From the tiger and leopard to several species of deer, from the desert fox to langurs and wild boars, and from endangered birds like the great Indian bustard and the Siberian crane to flamingos, storks and water birds, this book records the natural world of the forests. Wild Wonders of Rajasthan



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