Folklore of Rajasthan

Folklore of Rajasthan
Author : G.L. Mathur
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2005


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The current volume deals with an English version of Rani Laxmi Kumari Chundawat’s captivating Rajasthani folktales contained in her book entitled, “Ke Re Chakwa Baat”. Dealing with the various aspects of life, these folktales cover a vast area of human endeavor in the diverse fields of human existence. Judged in terms of undiluted humour, practical wisdom, minute observation, supernatural atmosphere, transparent devotion to duty and local colour, these fascinating folktales stand out as supreme in the literary firmament of Indian folklore. If the clever “Sethani” and “The Four Wise Brothers” reflect the Himalayan heights of wisdom, the tales such as “Prince Padam Singh’s Episode”, “The Imposter’s Head” and “The Heavenly Abode”, take us for a ride into the supernatural world where we come face to face with ghosts and witches, migration of souls from one body into the other, and a world of mesmerising magic undreamed of in this world of stark reality. Put together, these charming and amusing folktales leave an indelible impression on our minds.


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