Folklore : A Feminist Expression

Author : Rashmi Rajpal
Language : English
Edition : 2010
ISBN : 8190042203
Publisher : RG GROUP


Folklore : A Feminist Expression : Rajasthan has vast literature written in various genres starting from 1000 A.D… Being an indo Aryan language, Rajsasthani language roots in Vedic Sanskrit. Rajasthani literature has developed from the Dingal and Virkavya (heroic poetry). Rajasthan’s folk literature is rich and varied in its nature and exists in the forms of folksongs, Dhalas or Deshis (opening lines of folk songs) Vatas (folk tales) famous folklores, witty sayings and proverbs, Okhanas(proverbial sayings and stories based upon them) riddles and folks plays known as Khayals or Ramaks.

Medieval Virkavya and oral traditions inspired and invigorated Rajasthani prose and poetry. Epic poems and eulogistic couplets consecrated to Pabuji formed and integral part of the Dingal manuscript tradition. The charan bhatts had immortalized his self sacrifice on the battleground in verses like Pabuji-ra-Duha, Pabuji-ra-Chand and Pabuju-ka-Yash Varnan.

Folk songs maybe a) songs used by house hold ladies for ceremonial and religious occasions-songs like Ghumar and Luhara are sung on the occasion of Gangaur and Holi festival, songs sung by professionals in elite circles, c) songs of street singers d)religious and spiritual songs, e)ballads and f)tribal songs. Collection of songs under the first category forms the biggest part of this edition. Think of Rajasthan and think of the state’s rich folk music and dance. Rajasthan has seen a past full of brave men and honorable women who thought less for their lives before honor. This tradition of valor and chivalry is often sung and lived by the common folk of Rajasthan.


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