The Natha Philosophy and Ashtanga Yoga

Author : V.S. Bhatnagar
Language : English
Edition : 2012
ISBN : 9788177421200
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Natha Philosophy and Ashtanga Yoga

There are very few studies on the Natha philosophy which is still not much known specially among the educated in India. It is a complex field of study but can be made more understandable by suitably clarifying the matter under the principal heads. The works of Matsyendranatha and his great disciple Gorakshanatha form a significant contribution to the exposition of the theory of the creation of the universe, the working of man’s mind and nature and the Astuiinga Yoga. These have been described in the present work in a simple language, while tracing the-origin of nearly all the concepts of the Natha philosophy to the Vedas, Upanishads, Smritis esc., and in a much more comprehensive form to Pataiijali’s Yoga Siara. Natha Philosophy Ashtanga Yoga


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