Kodam : The Lingering Echoes in the Castle of Pugal

Author : LS Rathore
Language : English
Edition : 200
Publisher : RG GROUP


Kodam : The Lingering Echoes in the Castle of Pugal : On 13th February, 1984, I delivered a Lecture at Lallgarh Palace, Bikaner. It was presided over by late Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji of Bikaner. When the lecture was over, late Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji during a conversation with me, expressed the desire that “I should write a poem on some historical theme of the former State of Bikaner.” The idea was quite fascinating. But I was already engaged in my other academic pursuits. As such, this took a pretty long time for me to select the character. At last, I decided to compose a poem on Kodam, a significant but neglected theme in the annals of the former State of Bikaner. With the completion of this poem, the desire of late Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji has, thus, been fulfilled. This is a matter of great satisfaction for me.

Kodamdevi was the daughter of Manikrae, the Mohil Chief of Chhapar (near Sujangarh). Ardakmal of Nagore, wished to marry Kodam, but neither the daughter nor the father approved of this idea. She preferred to marry Sardul, the warrior son of the Chief of Pugal. Her father considered the issue of Kodamdevi’s matrimonial alliance and decided to give her hand to Sardul. Ardakmal became furious (on hearing the news) and had threatened to kill anybody who dared to marry Kodamdevi. The marriage of Sardul with Kodamdevi took place at Chhapar. Both the bride and bridegroom, along with the marriage party, moved towards Pugal, in a traditional manner. The vengeful Ardakmal chased them. The seven brothers of Kodamdevi, one by one, at different villages, offered resistance to Ardakmal; but all their attempts proved futile. None could stand against the wrath of Ardakmal.


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