Revenue Administration Of Rajasthan

Author: Dr. Kanchan Lawaniya
Language : English
Edition : 2021
ISBN : 9789384385576
Publisher : RG GROUP


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Revenue Administration Of Rajasthan

The book entitled “Revenue Administration of Rajasthan” is a descriptive, chronological and archival study. It forms a micro study of the agrarian history of eighteenth century. Since, 18th century has been widely debated in context of an overall decline on one hand and on the other as a rise of regional states and economy, the book has provided very rare insights in this regards.

The book is well organized and divided into seven chapters that dealt with a wide range of topics consisting from the administrative set up to the revenue extraction in the various form of taxes, reconstruction the whole hierarchy of the revenue officials existing at central, provincial & local level.

One of the important contribution of the book is the reconstruction of the revenue system especially land revenue along with research in its nature and methods of various assessment. Moreover, the revenue assignments such as Jagir and Patta have also been discussed.

It is an assiduous piece of research by using a wide range of primary sources especially regional documents of varied nature and types. The methodology of scientific method of research has been applied in utilizing the data.

Thus, a successful attempt has been made to study the different aspects of revenue administration of Rajasthan with special reference to Marwar state, in this book.

Revenue Administration Of Rajasthan

The Present book entitled, “Revenue Administration of Rajasthan” (A Study of Eighteenth Century Marwar) has been revised form of my PhD. thesis. This work was presented as a thesis to the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, in 2016, for award of ph.d. in history. The state of Marwar, presently known as “Jodhpur” was the largest state in Rajputana during the period under study. The term Marwar, originally comes from “Maroowar” or “Marubhumi” which supposed to mean “The Killing Land” due to its oceanic expanse of sparkling yellow sands dunes and barren rocks of the Aravalli range.

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