Jeypore Enamels

Author : S.S. Jacob & T. H. Hendley
Language : English
Edition : 2008
ISBN : 9788173053382
Publisher : RG GROUP


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Jeypore Enamels : The art of enamelling on metal is successfully practiced in many parts of India, but it is universally acknowledged that the best work on gold is produced at Jeypore, in Rajputana. The colours employed rival the tints of the rainbow in purity and brilliancy, and they are laid on the gold by the Jeypore artists with such exquisite taste that there is never a want of harmony; even when jewels are also used they serve but to enhance the beauty of the enamel.

All who see the gold enamel work of Jeypore admire the beautiful designs in which it is carried out. It is with the view of placing some of these designs on record, and affording everyone the opportunity of seeing them, that this collection has been made.

The book is peerless for its illustrations and includes twenty-eight full page colored plates containing one hundred and twenty designs. The book published first in 1886, is now a collector’s item.


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